nintendo controller iphone 3gs dock

  • NES controller iPhone 3GS dock – Absolute mash-up of a retro vs current hottest electronic product, the Nintendo controller now becomes a dock for the iPhone 3GS. [link]


domokun iphone case

  • Domo-kun iPhone case – Everyone’s favorite monster now protects the iPhone. [link]


solar vest charger solar vest charger 2

  • Solar vest charger – For anyone not afraid of the sun, why not get this solar vest that charges up all your electronics as well. [link]



intel atom

  • Next-gen Atom chips cooler – The next generation of Intel Atom chips will be cooler and offer better graphics, while generating less heat and consuming less power. [link]



crysis onlive

  • Playing Crysis on OnLive – Michael Pachter says playing Crysis on OnLive streaming game service will be equivalent to playing it on a gaming-optimized PC. [link]


virtua tennis 2009

  • Virtua Tennis 2009 review – A gameplay and game-mode review of the arcade tennis game, Virtua Tennis 2009. [1up]


chocolate brick nintendo ds case

  • Nintendo DS chocolate case – How to make the sweet Nintendo DS even sweeter? Just give it a chocolate brick casing. [link]



custom optimus prime transformer

  • Custom-built Optimus Prime Transformer – A custom-built Optimus Prime Transformer is up on auction at Ebay. [gallery]


homemade rubber band shooter

  • Homemade rubber band shooter – Wooden rubber band shooter that expels at the rate of 1200 rubber bands per minute! [link]




  • Firefox 3.5 released – The fastest, smartest and safest browser by Mozilla has been released. [mozilla]


firefox review

  • Firefox 3.5 review – A close up look at the features and performance of Firefox latest browser version 3.5 by Technologizer. [link]


  • Firefox 3.5 – Firefox 3.5 press release and feature video. [slashgear]


How-To’s/Tips & Tricks

retro apple usb drive

  • Retro USB Apple flash drive – Instructables user Max Headroom teaches you how to make a retro USB flash drive out of an old Apple keyboard button. [link]


Cool Stuff

beautiful and creative book sculptures beautiful and creative book sculptures 2

  • Book sculptures – Beautiful and creative book sculptures made from thick books. Unusual but cool medium for artistic artwork I may add. [gallery]


super mario push pins

  • Super Mario Bros push pins – Let Super Mario characters and icons hold and spice up your documents. [link]


qrcode ruglet

  • QRCode ruglet – Guy makes rug consisting of QRCode embedded with his mum’s name at Google I/O conference. [link]


Funny Stuff

wife balance

  • The best wife – Behind the most successful man, is a capable wife. [pic]


Odd Stuff

living with cats 01 living with cats 02

  • Woman shares homes with eleven large cats – She lives in her house with wild animals such as cheetahs, white lions and tigers. [link]



  • Wooden value meal – A tray of fast-food made in wood. The ironic thing is that this value meal is valued at $1500. [link]