An Xbox 360 console all bling-ed up and covered in Swarovski crystals. Made by CrystalRoc for Microsoft Australia using up a total of 11,520 crystals.


These fun reversible Bottoms Up glasses show two different messages when placed right-side up and upside down.


A unique-looking FM radio made to look like a gear-shift console. Every position controls the operation of the radio.


From Bandai Japan, this cool Pocky machine lets you make your own customized flavored snack from sliced bread.


For Samurai wannabes, this mini umbrella with a samurai sword handle will offer instant gratification whenever it rains.


Once again from Japan, this giant vortex cannon was built just to blow out a small candle.



How does a cat react when it sees an iPad for the first time? Watch the video to find out.



We are all familiar with the famous Mars bar. However, this one is totally out of the ordinary for it is a giant Mars bar cake!


Guy builds the world’s smallest portable Nintendo 64 game console with its own display screen.