giant oreo


Lego Facebook – Flickr user powerpig shows us how it’ll look like if Lego minifigs start using their own social networking site..

lego facebook


Sniper Stand – A simple addon to the back of an iPhone 4 that turns any credit card into an iPhone stand.

sniper stand for iphone


Voltron Flash Drive – A USB flash drive shaped like a robot from a very popular classic animation series.

voltron usb flash drive


Multi-display iPod cluster – This cool multi-display setup by Mongoose Studio uses 12 iPods for display and the 13th as a controller for showing videos and movies. Cool to look at, probably a pain to recharge.



Blended Vuvuzela – The World Cup 2010 finally comes to an end, and we welcome the demise of this notorious noisemaker. The famous Blendtec blender does the job for us.



Sidewalk Super Mario – A cool video of the entire Super Mario game superimposed onto a real life sidewalk. Includes the entire game-play till the end where Mario finally reaches princess Peach after defeating Bowser.



Cute Baby Stormtrooper – The most adorable Star Wars stormtrooper in training ever.

cute baby stormtrooper


Beer Bottle Driving – A Chinese man creates a spectacle by driving across two upright rows of bottles.

beer bottle driving