explosive fart


Edible Apparel – These aren’t any ordinary apparel items but edible sugar cookies made to look like handbags and shoes. They do look too cute and colorful to be eaten.

edible handbag cookies edible shoe cookies


Inkless Metal Pen – This metal pen doesn’t contain ink and doesn’t need any kind of refill ever. How is it possible? The secret lies in the type of material used to make the pen itself.

inkless metal pen


Funny Facebook Questions – A list of of the funniest questions ever asked on Facebook.

funny facebook questions


Windows 7 retro remake – What if Windows 7 existed in the past? This is what someone imagined could happen. A whopping 2084 pieces of floppy disks!

windows 7 on floppy disks


Super Awesome Swiss Army Knife Design – The most awesome Swiss Army knife ever. Too bad it only exists on a T-shirt. For now.

super awesome swiss army knife design


Papercraft Town Planning – This is probably made for aspiring town mayors of the future, or for people with a big imagination. Plan your very own town with the ‘make a town’ kit.

make a town kit 1 make a town kit 2


Life-Size Lego Car – This cool life-size Lego car was spotted outside a store in Manila, Philippines.

life size lego car


Ice-cream USB Drive – A handmade creation on Etsy featuring a Magnum ice-cream model that has been turned into a USB flash drive.

magnum ice-cream usb drive 1 magnum ice-cream usb drive 2


Crap Inner Truth Mug – A mug that helps to convey a hidden message to your intended recipients when you use it to serve drinks to them.

crap inner truth mug