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nokia n97 torture test

  • Nokia N97 torture test video. [engadget]


nokia 3720

  • Nokia 3720 waterproof and dustproof phone arriving in September. [link]
  • iPhone 3GS costs $179 to build. [link]
  • 5 things missing from the iPhone 3GS. [macworld]
  • Canon Rebel T1i/500D first look. [geeksugar]


buffalo 16gb 5mm thumb key

  • Buffalo 5mm 16GB ultra mini USB drive. [link]



TF2 sleuth mod spy disguise

  • TF2 mod ‘Sleuth’ gives spies the ability to disguise as engineer structures. [youtube]


street fighter ii

  • 20 games that changed gaming forever. [pcworld]



windows 7 packaging



optimus prime costume


Hot Viral Stuff

chariot skates

  • Chariot skates – rollerblade skates with calf-diameter wheels. [chariotskates]
  • The life cycle of a videogame. [gamespy]
  • The future of dating. [pic]
  • Best iPhone ever. [pic]


Cool Stuff


  • Paragolfer allows paraplegics to play golf. [news]


tomy attack in space he-man action figure


fan powered rocket board

  • Fan powered rocket board. [dvice]


megaman post-its


stepper motors play mario theme

  • Polyphonic Super Mario theme played by 3 stepper motors. [link]


Funny Stuff

mouse trap exercise

  • Mouse-trap exercise. [pic]


Odd Stuff

giant ufo ring over theme park

  • Giant UFO ring caught on video over theme park in Virginia. [youtube]
  • Monkey urinates on Zambian president. [news]