zebra climbs on giraffe


The iPhone 4 gets torn down to its bare components by the people at ifixit.

iphone 4 dismantled


If you’re still not satisfied having the iPhone 4 only getting dismantled, probably watching it get blended into in a million pieces by Tom Dickson will do.



A really tasty-looking pizza pouch made for storing gadgets by Moma Store. I doubt it’ll help anyone get through till lunchtime though, looks like it only makes you hungry in-between. Hotdog, taco and cookie versions are also available.

 yummy pocket pizza gadget pouch


Yep. It’s the official musical instrument for the 2010 South Africa World Cup, after it’s all over this vuvuzela is perhaps more useful for annoying your neighbors than anything else. Available at Amazon.

world cup 2010 vuvuzela


A cool hand-made wooden Super Mario coin box just like in Super Mario games. Great for storing stuff like coins and jewelry.

hand made super mario coin box


Yet another clever 3M innovation, a pop-up scotch tape dispenser that provides a constant supply of pre-cut scotch tapes. Eliminates the hassle of dealing with sticky scissors and cutters.



Boast to your friends that you use the iPad as a mouse pad. Technically that is, with the iMousepad.




Piano renditions of Super Mario music are quite common. Those performed with a violin are like rare gems. What makes this video of Super Mario played with the violin even more unique is that it was performed in real-time, though we can’t deny the possibility that it had been rehearsed.



This is apparently some serious motor oil for a serious Hello Kitty fan. Will you ever trust your car’s engine to the Hello Kitty engine oil?

hello kitty car engine oil


What can you do with 300 bottle caps? Make an 8-bit stop motion video with them of course!



A cool house with everything made of paper. 100% paper.

house made of paper


It’s by far the most dreaded image any Twitter user will ever want to see when he/she visits the homepage. Yes, we’ll talking about the fail whale image. Well, someone made a Twitter fail whale cake. Dig in!

twitter fail whale cake


A bunch of TF2 characters recreated in 8-bit from perler beads by redditor Alexx17. Really nicely done.

TF2 characters made with perler beads, engineer, heavy, demo
Engineer, Heavy, Demo.

TF2 characters made with perler beads, scout, soldier, pyro
Scout, Soldier, Pyro.