htc hero hands on


nokia e72


iphone 3gs unboxing

  • Obnoxious iPhone 3GS unboxing video by Steven Frank (with a few surprises). [youtube]


ijector ipod iphone projector

  • iJector mini projector for iPod and iPhone. [link]


tube squeezing toothbrush

  • Tube squeezing toothbrush. [link]



  • NASA to develop massively multiplayer online (MMO) learning game. [nasa]





battlefield heroes

  • Battlefield Heroes out of beta, officially launched. [news]


serious sam hd

  • Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD coming to Xbox Live Arcade late summer. [news]


michael jackson moonwalker sega

  • Michael Jackson’s video game legacy. [link]


fight night round 4

  • Fight Night Round 4 review. [g4tv]



sega toys hannapa

  • Hannapa flower toys reacts to human voices. [link]



neon genesis evangelion canned bread

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion canned bread. [link]



iphone jailbreak

  • Step-by-step guide to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3.0. [gizmodo]


Hot Viral Stuff

guitar hero ii

  • 25 games you need to finish before you die. [link]


Cool Stuff

optimus prime pc

  • 20 insanely modifield computers. [gallery]



  • 9 stunning facts about lightning. [link]


worlds biggest alarm clock

  • World’s biggest alarm clock. [youtube]


darth vadar mask from the inside

  • Darth Vader mask from the inside. [link]


Funny Stuff

skate scooter challenge

  • Skate scooter challenge on Japanese game show. [youtube]


little boy's first taste of rejection

  • Little boy’s first taste of rejection. [youtube]


master chief high school senior

  • Master Chief gets high school senior photos taken. [gallery]


Odd Stuff

giant condom pillows

  • Giant condom pillows. [link]