iphone 3gs slashgear


nokia n97

  • Nokia N97 review and gallery: [phonemag]


sega female robot

  • Sega makes robot girlfriend for lonely men. [fun-on]


mili portable iphone projector

  • MiLi pro iPod and iPhone portable projector. [phonesuit]


date breath checker

  • Date breath checker for ladies. [link]


thanko usb notebook cooler desk



texting while driving

  • Texting while driving worse than drink driving. [news]


hitler's stealth fighter plane recreated


3d baby scan model

  • 3D printer produces model of babies from scans before they are born. [news]



living with first person shooter disease

  • Living with first person shooter disease. [ign video]



nintendo lego by arkov

How to build NES model from Lego pieces. [flickr]


Cool Stuff

ultimate potato gatling potato cannon

  • Ultimate gatling potato cannon. [make]


mcdonalds pink in shibuya


maglev toy train

  • Levitating MagLev toy train. [youtube]


xbox wedding cake

  • 20 Game inspired wedding cakes. [link]


jello mold competition

  • Jello mold competition. [link]


star wars vs star trek

  • Star Wars vs Star Trek (light painting). [link]


Funny Stuff

five stages of your life

  • The five stages of your life. [pic]


super mario bros 3 fail

  • Super Mario Bros 3 fail. [video]


videogame recession

  • The effects of video game recession. [gallery]


Odd Stuff

weird sidecar motorcycle attachment

  • Weird sidecar motorcycle attachment. [gallery]


thai elephants pandas 

  • Thai elephants painted to look like pandas. [news]


  • Polish couple gets married and divorced in a single day. [news]


News News

eiffel tower restaurant

  • Teenager plunges to death from Eiffel tower, crashes into packed restaurant below. [news]