post it notes car prank


Recycled Crocs – A special and rather unique idea for recycling that pair of Crocs into hanging plant pots.

recycled croc shoes hanging plant pots


Gingerbread Motherboard – A PC motherboard made of gingerbread is the perfect dessert treat for computer geeks during Christmas.

gingerbread motherboard


Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock – A good way to wake up every morning with the Lego Star Wars minifig alarm clock if you’re both a Lego and Star Wars fan, that is.

lego star wars minifig alarm clock


Shizuoka Gundam scale model – The Gundam goes from a scale model to full-scale in Shizuoka and now the entire thing turns back into a scale model.

shizuoka gundam scale model


iPhone Keyboard Buddy – This iPhone gadget comes as an iPhone case. It’s a sliding bluetooth keypad that comes as an iPhone casing so one can type with the keypad instead of the iPhone’s touchscreen.

iphone keyboard buddy


Minecraft Fridge Magnets – Now one isn’t restricted to the computer when coming up with ideas to build stuff in Minecraft. Use these Minecraft fridge magnets instead!

minecraft fridge magnets 


Pizza Fork – This is a fork called the Nyfork with a built-in pizza cutter. Enjoy eating pizza with just this pizza fork without needing a knife to cut the pizza.

pizza fork


Mickey Mouse Glove Mouse – This wireless computer mouse comes in the form of Mickey Mouse’s glove. Perfect for Mickey Mouse fans who want to hold his hand all the time in front of the computer.

mickey mouse glove mouse


Pirate Umbrella – This very cool pirate umbrella will let people go around feeling like a real pirate. The handle of the umbrella is shaped like a pirate’s cutlass, which will surely make a pirate wannabe wish for rain all the time; although I don’t remember pirates carrying umbrellas in the first place!

pirate umbrella