psp phone mock concept

  • Sony considering PSP/Phone hybrid. [news]




  • Inside gaming Left 4 Dead 2 exclusive interview. [youtube]


ultimate gaming rig

  • Ultimate gaming rig. [flickr]


sf cammy cosplay

  • Street Fighter Cammy cosplay. [gallery]




  • 3rd Neon Genesis Evangelion remake film to be titled Q quickening. [news]



destroy twitter

  • 19 twitter desktop apps compared. [link]



  • How to convert pdf document to word format. [link]


Cool Stuff

spectacular scenes from iss

  • 35 spectacular scenes taken from the International Space Station. [gallery]


honda hovering concept car

  • Honda’s amazing hovering car concept. [link]




ipod cake

  • iPod birthday cake. [flickr]


bottle cap mario bottle cap pacman monster

  • Bottle cap Mario and Pacman monster. [link]


modern teapot

  • 14 Modern teapot and kettle designs. [gallery]


 awesome backyard explosion failures

  • Most awesome backyard explosion failures. [youtube]


Funny Stuff

durex condoms cheaper

  • Durex is cheaper. [link]


kitten begs for food

  • Kitten begs for food. [video]


Odd Stuff

 nes controller doorbell

  • Nintendo controller as wireless doorbell. [link]


kitkat grape

  • Grape flavored Kit-Kat. [flickr]


smores keyboard

  • S’mores keyboard. [link]


News News

michael jackson time commemorative cover

  • Time Magazine’s special commemorative June 29th cover of Michael Jackson. [link]