How to make Lego cakes. The trick is using marshmallows!

how to make a lego cake


For sushi lovers: Delicious and comfortable looking sushi pillows!

sushi pillows

This comes right out of a typical Asian kung-fu flick. A notebook made to look like a martial arts manual. Create your own kung-fu perhaps?

kung fu notebook

Dual purpose pool float: Besides being able to keep a human afloat, it also contains a compartment for chilling drinks.

dual purpose pool float dual purpose pool float drink chiller compartment

Make your lips taste like cupcakes all day with this cupcake flavored lip balm.

cupcake flavored lip balm

This oddly-shaped USB stress toy lets you scrunch up the view of your desktop the same way it got squashed.

 usb stress toy squeezes computer screen

A cool concept called the Nextep based on a wearable wristband computer for Sony.

Sony Nextep wristband pc concept

A T-shirt spoof of Iron Man literally. Poor Iron Man.

Iron man t-shirt spoof

This handy mini iPhone charging cable keychain looks like a car alarm remote and is small enough it can be carried around everywhere.

iphone keychain charging cable iphone keychain charging cable closeup