giraffe kiss


Magic Instant Christmas Tree – This miniature Christmas tree sprouts to life instantly from a flat piece of cardboard when the included magic water is added to it.

magic instant christmas tree


Rice Cooker Bento Lunch Box – This electrical powered bento box not only stores food, but can cook rice from scratch and heat up dishes too.

rice cooker bento 


Keyboard Shoes – We have already seen one with rubber soles looking like computer keyboard keys, but this is a shoe that’s actually made from real keyboard keys.

computer keyboard shoe


Halloween Yoda Crochet Hat – A cute-looking crocheted Halloween Yoda hat made by mamaedgar on craftster.

halloween yoda crochet hat


Real Life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Van – The coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van ever. We suspect it could be the only one around, but nevertheless a really great mod from a ‘94 Dodge Caravan.

real-life teenage mutant ninja turtles van


Transformable Lego Optimus Prime – Orion Pax built an awesome Optimus Prime Transformers robot from Lego pieces with the ability transform just like the original!

lego optimus prime transformers robot


World’s Largest Gummy Worm – Bigger is surely better, isn’t it? The world’s largest gummy worm measures 26 inches in length and is packed with 4,000 worth of gummy worm calories. Available for $27.95 on Vat19.

worlds largest gummy worm


iMainGo X Portable Speaker – This set of portable external speakers called the iMainGo X is made to look like a retro cassette tape on the outside. On the back, it comes with a handy zippable case for carrying portable media players within.

imaingo x portable speaker