carnivorous clock

  • Canivorous clock eats insects to power itself perpetually. [link]


fake car key spy camera

  • Fake car key spy camera. [link]


frolicat laser pointer

  • Frolicat automatic laser pointer for pets. [link]




  • VirtualHUD gives all pilots an affordable heads-up display. [link]



battlefield 1943 release

  • EA announces to release Battlefield 1943 on July 9th. [link]


Cool Stuff


  • Top 10 Beverages in Japan. [link]


city of niagara falls

  • 60 beautiful night shots. [gallery]


coffee recipe chart

  • Coffee recipe chart. [flickr]


chimpanzee and white tiger cubs

  • Chimp and white tiger cubs. [gallery]


News News

 michael jackson family photo

  • Michael Jackson’s family album photos seen for the first time. [news]


building falls on side china

  • New building falls over on its side in China. [gallery]