lg gd900

  • LG GD900 Crystal review – The LG GD900 with the revolutionary transparent keypad looks good, but isn’t all perfect. [pocket-lint]


samsung night vision phone

  • Samsung releases night vision mobile phone – Samsung releases a mobile phone equipped with an infrared night vision camera, the first of its kind in Korea. [news]


macbook pro colorware stealth

  • $6,000 MacBook Pro Stealth edition – The MacBook Pro gets the stealth treatment from ColorWare, the company that colors gadgets with any color you desire. This time ColorWare’s Stealth MacBook Pro comes with SofTouch technology that prevents fingerprints. [colorware]


playstation iphone case playstation iphone case 2

  • Playstation iPhone case – Who says Sony and Apple can’t mix? [link]


victorinox swissflash

  • Victorinox SwissFlash – The modern Swiss army knife comes with 16GB flash memory and a laser pointer. Still comes with the essentials. [swissarmy]


darth vader usb drive

  • Star Wars USB drives – Darth Vader gets turned into a USB flash drive. [link]



frog ecosystem aquarium

  • Frog-o-sphere ecosystem aquarium – Pets that are sealed permanently in an artificial eco-system. All organisms living in this sealed aquarium need each other to survive; put them in proper sunlight and temperature and the frogs can survive up to four years without any hand-feeding. [link]



red faction guerilla dlc

  • Red Faction Guerilla DLC announced – The first and major update to Red Faction: Guerilla has been announced to land on August 13 2009. [news]


  • China didn’t ban gold farming – Using real money to buy virtual cash is not banned, contrary to a previous report. What’s banned is using virtual currency to buy tangible goods and services, which is the reverse of gold farming. [link]



transformers felt transformers felt 2

  • Transformers made of felt – These handcrafted felt transformer toys look absolutely awesome. [gallery]


Cool Stuff

fiat oldtimer bulldozer

  • Man transforms car into bulldozer – Japanese guy turns a Fiat Oldtimer into a funny looking mini bulldozer. [link]


big mac to mcsteak

  • Fancy fast food – Website that turns fast food into fancy restaurant menu items. Big Mac and fries get magically transformed into a mouth-watering fine-dining menu item called ‘McSteak and Potatoes’. [link]



  • Creative resume – A very unique and detailed chart for resume purposes. [flickr]



  • Truck and jet – Man fits a 2700hp jet to the back of his Ford F-150 truck. Awesomeness ensues. [link]



  • 12 fascinating objects covered in diamonds – Diamond-covered anything is practically awesome. [gallery]


Funny Stuff

spare-tire-fix pringles-duct

  • There I Fixed it – Ghetto and ingenious fixes to problems under the sun. [thereifixedit]



  • Funny t-shirt slogans – These funny t-shirts are bound to capture everyone’s attention. [gallery]



  • Pocket Twitter – A shirt made for live twittering with your cellphone display. [link]


Odd Stuff


  • The shit box – This box lets you do the big business in the great outdoors. Just insert a poo bag and dispose after use. Also great for sitting on as a temporary stool or as a garbage disposal bin. [link]