hanging cat


Star Wars yoga – How to stay healthy practicing yoga the Star Wars way.

star wars yoga x-wing extended star wars yoga half I'm your father


Darth Vader kitchen apron – A must get for Star Wars fans who happen to love BBQ and cooking.

 darth vader kitchen apron


Risky suitcase stickers – Funny suitcase stickers that’ll land you in hot soup if you’re not careful.

money stash suitcase sticker


Edible Jello cups – Creative cups made of Jello that can be either be eaten after you’ve finished your drink or thrown on the ground to biodegrade naturally. No more pollution!

jello cup jello cup colors


Amazing paper sculptures – Jeff Nishinaka makes cool 3D sculptures out of paper such as landscapes and animals.

 3D paper sculpture 7 wonders 3D paper sculpture dragon


Rubber bandit pen – This rubber band toy will hopefully tell your friends and colleagues not to mess around with you.

rubber band pen 


Bacon flavored jelly beans – Jelly beans are known to come in all kinds of flavors and colors, so why not have them come in the most epic flavor of all, bacon!

bacon flavored jelly beans 


Space Invaders chair – A chair designed by Igor Chak after the popular classic arcade game, Space Invaders.

space invaders chair


Internet browser nail art – A set of beautifully painted nail art by mamipeko featuring the icons of the most popular Internet browsers today, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

browser nail art internet explorer,firefox,opera

browser nail art chrome browser nail art safari