pokemon ice-cream


Bottle Cap Princess Peach Portrait – A cool Princess Peach mosaic portrait made from plastic bottle caps.

bottle cap princess peach art


Bacon Lovers’ Platter – A bacon-themed platter specially made for bacon lovers.

bacon lovers' platter


Hello Kitty and R2-D2’s affair – What if Hello Kitty and R2-D2 had a lovechild? This could be the answer.

hello kitty r2-d2


Retro Cassette iPhone Case – Cassette tapes are hardly found in media devices nowadays, but they get revived in another form as this cassette themed iPhone casing.

cassette tape iphone casing


Desktop Foosball – Foosball can be enjoyed without having to get a full-sized table, now you can play it right on your desktop with this mini Foosball table set.

mini desktop foosball table


iPhone Wings – Give your iPhone some wings with this angel wings iPhone stand.

angel wings iphone stand


War Machine Macbook Decal – Show that you’re all serious with this cool-looking War Machine decal for the Macbook.

war machine macbook decal

Tank-Up Coffee Mug – This heat sensitive mug holds your coffee and hot drinks and comes with a “fuel gauge” that reads the level of the drink without you having to tip your head over the mug.

tank-up heat sensitive coffee mug


Mana Potion Necklace – This cool-looking necklace made for gamers comes in the form of a mini mana potion.


mana potion necklace