boy and walkman

  • Boy uses a Walkman for a week – A 13 year old boy living in the digital age swops his iPod for a cassette tape playing Walkman, gives his thoughts after using the hottest music entertainment gadget of yesteryear for a week. [news]


iphone news firmware 3

  • iPhone OS 3.0 7 hidden secrets – Did you know you can undo what you typed with a shake and many new tricks with the new OS. [link]


electric powered shopping cart

  • Electric powered shopping cart – Guy builds world’s first electric shopping cart. [link]



magnet ferrofluid

  • Magnet and ferrofluid – An interesting video of a magnetic fluid which looks as if it changes states from liquid to solid on entry through a magnetic field. [video]


  • Man modifies truck to run on wood and waste – A man has modified his truck using a gasification method that produces hydrogen-hydrocarbon by heating organic matter which doesn’t pollute the environment on expulsion. [link]


mdi airpod car

  • MDI AirPOD eco-friendly car – This car runs solely on compressed air and has zero emissions. Range is estimated to be between 90-125 miles. [link]



bing search engine

  • SEO tips for Bing – An insight into the capabilities of Microsoft’s Bing search engine, its decision engine system; and how webmasters can tune their sites for some Bing love. [link]



razer megalodon gaming headset

  • Razer Megalodon gaming headset – A look at the tech specs of the Razer Megalodon gaming headset due to ship on June 30th. [link]


iphone tap tap revenge app

  • 5 iPhone apps to destroy productivity – Here, apps actually refer to games. So these are the games that will keep you glued to your iPhone, death till us part. [link]


gold farming

  • China bans gold farming – China has banned businesses and individuals from trading virtual currency for real goods and services. [news]


World of Warcraft

  • WoW players soon to have the ability to change sides – WoW players will be able to change sides after Blizzard rolls out a new service, enabling them to switch from the Horde to Alliance and vice versa, while preserving a set of equivalent skills. [kotaku]



gundam cosplay comparison

  • Gundam cosplay comparison – How can the quality of cosplaying Gundam costumes be rated? Sometimes it is too easy to discern. Too easy. [pic]



ayumi hamasaki

  • Ayumi Hamasaki’s theme song for new Jdrama – Jpop diva Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest single ‘Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~’ will be the theme song for "Dandy Daddy?" on TV Asahi network, which marks 6 years since she has done a theme for any Japanese drama series. [tokyograph]


How-To’s/Tips & Tricks


  • 6 new insights on sleep – 6 new and uncommon ways that can help our bodies get to sleep more easily. [link]


Cool Stuff

russian pilot love

  • Pilot says love to beau – A Russian pilot professed his love to his girlfriend by drawing a gigantic heart in the sky with contrails from his plane. [pic]


transforming laptop

  • Transforming laptop – A rather real-looking CGI video of a transforming laptop. [youtube]


russian wall-e casemod

  • Russian Wall-E casemod – A really cool step-by-step gallery showing the detailed construction of a very realistic-looking Wall-E as a PC case mod. (Warning: Huge image gallery!) [gallery]


pizza box laptop bag

  • 15 coolest laptop bags – Laptop bags made of stuff you would never have imagined. [gallery]


blue angels

  • Blue Angels cockpit cam – A video taken from the cockpit of one of the planes from the Blue Angels stunt flying team. [youtube]


3d street painting

  • 11 amazing street paintings – Amazing street paintings that look life-like when seen from an angle. [gallery]


Odd Stuff

cockroach inflatable float

  • Giant cockroach pool float – Fancy floating on a inflatable cockroach in the pool? [link]


News & Articles

burglar robs wrong house

  • Wrong house dude – Burglar chose the wrong house to steal from, which is owned by a 72-year-old former boxer. [news]


  • How McDonald’s conquered France – McDonald’s is known for its not-so-healthy treats. France is known for its fine-dining and wine, so how did a fast-food chain like McDonald’s grapple a foothold in this country? [article]


  • Fast food calorie information – Calorie information could be made mandatory on all menus at the point of purchase in fast-food restaurants. [article]