bbq cat chef


Jewel Ice Tray – An interesting-looking ice tray that turns frozen water into precious gems.

jewel ice tray 1jewel-ice-tray 2


Street Fighter Wrestling – This is how it looks like when characters from Super Street Fighter IV get into the wrestling ring to fight. Some really cool custom fan-made skins and moves that somehow look like Street Fighter moves get thrown into this wrestling game mash-up.



Angry Birds in Real Life – I think some of us kinda saw it coming. The popular mobile phone game Angry Birds get turned into a real-life carnival game in China.

angry birds real life


Fling iPad Tactile Game Controller – Made specifically for gamers, this suction-cup looking thingie from Ten One Design goes right on top the iPad’s screen to act as a tactile controller.

fling ipad controller


iPad Arcade Stick Controller – Not to be outdone, ThinkGeek also comes up with its own version of a controller for the iPad in the form of a shiny arcade joystick.



Razer Switchblade Handheld PC Gaming Netbook – Netbooks and awesome gaming graphics don’t always come in the same sentence but somehow Razer has managed to make it work. Comes with a cool feature that  changes the display on the keyboard dynamically with icons depending on the application used.



Giant iPod Earphone Speakers – These look like the earphones that come with the iPod, but they’re actually giant earphone speakers that can’t fit in anyone’s ears; except maybe for an elephant’s.

giant ipod earphone speakers


Gummy Army Men – Edible army men not in plastic but in gummy form. Now the kids can eat those toy-looking army men after playing with them. No more mess.

gummy army men

iBallz iPad Case – This is one unique and quirky-looking iPad case that covers each corner of the iPad with a ball. Comes in four parts and prevents the iPad from getting scratches when placed on flat surfaces.

iballz ipad case