iPhone Lego Brick Case – Though not officially from Lego, these brick-inspired iPhone 4 cases seem to be compatible with Lego bricks allowing creations to be built right on the iPhone. Maybe a good first step to coming up with an ad-hoc stand or tripod during the creation process.

iphone lego brick case


Space Ice Cream – These are some tough but edible ice-cream that won’t melt and can even be brought into space. Can’t really imagine eating ice-cream at room temperature though.

space ice cream


Angry Birds Beanie Hats – Cute-looking handmade Angry Birds beanie hats for adults spotted on Etsy.

angry birds beanie hats


Iron Man Cake – A nicely made Iron Man cake from A Keen Cake Impression showing Iron Man busting out of er… concrete I guess. Thankfully everything looks edible.

iron man cake


Chobi Cam One – Another model of the Chobi Cam the Chobi Cam One, a super miniature digital camera has arrived. This time in the form of a cute little DSLR camera.

chobi cam one mini dslr camera


Pac-Man Oven Mitt – For Pac-Man fans who have all grown up and have families, Pac-Man has adapted his dot-eating aperture to be used for picking up hot oven trays.

pac man oven mitt


Wasabi Lip Balm – This must be something for batsu games it seems. Who in the right mind will actually want to have wasabi-flavored lip balm smeared all over their lips? Though at least the product description says it doesn’t burn.

wasabi lip balm


Muppets Cupcakes – These have to be the cutest Muppets cupcakes on the planet that are displayed by Cupcake Occasions UK on their flickr stream. I bet they’re as tasty as they look.

muppets cupcakes


Real-Life Little Big Planet – Sackboy is up to some mischief, not in Playstation Land but in real-life! Sadly, a product from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gets sacrificed in the video.