big hair


Saw and Trowel Cake Serving Set – A cake-serving set consisting of a saw and a trowel made perfect for a handyman’s birthday.

saw and trowel cake serving set


Angry Birds Fridge Magnets – While you can’t toss these Angry Birds magnets like in the iPhone/Android game, they’ll still be perfect decorations on magnetic surfaces such as on the fridge or a whiteboard.

angry birds fridge magnets


Angry Bird Cupcakes – More Angry Birds cupcakes? Bring them on. Pocket-lint’s report on the current ongoing craze by the invasion of Angry Birds into the cupcake world.

giant angry birds cake and cupcakes


Angry Birds Bento Lunch – A nicely made bento featuring the characters from the Angry birds game by mymealbox on flickr. Almost looks too good to be eaten.

angry birds bento lunch


Yoda Pooch – Looks like this doggie found The Force and turned himself into a Yoda dog.

yoda dog


Rubik’s Cube Mug – If you’ve given up on solving Rubik’s cubes and want to sit down and relax a little, this Rubik’s Cube mug will be more than happy to contain your preferred form of beverage.

rubik's cube mug


Mustache Bandages – Hurt yourself somewhere, like specifically right above the upper lip and in dire need of a bandage? These mustache bandages will not only cover up the wound but also transform you into a gentlemen at the same time.

mustache bandage


Keyboard Flip Flops – We’ve seen a couple of keyboard shoes in the past, but these have to be the first pairs of keyboard flip flops to grace the interwebs.

keyboard flip flops 1keyboard flip flops 2


Real-Life Mario Kart Part 2 – Remi Gaillard’s back and up to his usual and funny antics. This time it’s the second episode of real life Mario Kart in France.