pacman burger


Revenge Toilet Paper – This roll of toilet paper that is impossible to tear or get ripped off. Perfect for an April Fool’s day prank, or simply just for revenge as its name suggests.

revenge toilet paper


Eco Can – An interesting design for a reusable water-bottle made to look like a disposable canned soda beverage. Being made of biodegradable cornstarch, the Eco Can not only does its job of holding drinkable water but also helps to remind people to conserve the environment.

eco can


Minecraft in Real Life – almost. This is how MineCraft could look like if zombies existed, and if Minecraft existed in real life, and so on. A fantasy style video named: The Last Minecart.



Iced Batteries – Batteries made of ice, or rather ice shaped to look like batteries. Ice-cube trays that make them for electrifying any drink that they come across.

battery ice tray 1battery ice tray 2


Japanese Real-Life Mario Kart – This is how the Japanese do Mario Kart in real life. Instead of having a prankster ride a Kart going around annoying people, a good Samaritan gets behind the wheel to make kids happy.


Ice Cream Tie – A nice looking tie to be seen wearing on a hot summer day, if you happen to be selling ice cream that is.

ice cream tie


Mario Power-Up Box Candy – Just like in Super Mario games, this power-up question mark box offers something nice inside. Though we can’t get invincibility stars or green 1-up mushrooms in real-life, this Mario question mark box offers sour strawberry flavored candy to help one perk up during the day.

super mario power up box candy


Zombies Eat Flesh – If zombies ever ran their own food chain, they just might use this logo. An interesting parody for a zombie-themed pinback button design.

zombies eat flesh pinback button


Food flavored toothpaste – Instead of filling the mouth with the common mint flavor after brushing our teeth, these wacky food-flavored toothpastes fill them with food flavors instead. Bacon and cupcake flavors to be precise.

bacon cupcake toothpaste 1bacon-cupcake-toothpaste 2