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Gamepad Calculator – A perfectly evil gift for a kid who keeps pestering his parents for an Xbox gaming console.

gamepad calculator


Gong Alarm Clock – This alarm clock wakes the living hell out of deep sleepers with a large gong.


gong alarm clock


Water Nutritional Label Cup – For health’s sake everything needs a nutritional label. That’s including cups of water. A pretty wacky design for a water cup.


water nutritional label cup


Boo Ghost Plush Toy – The Shy Boo ghost from Super Mario gets turned into a cute crocheted plush toy from Etsy seller NerdJerk.


shy boo ghost plush toy


Emergency Underpants – The most convenient set of underpants ever. This pack of emergency underpants can be pulled out quickly like tissues from a tissue box. Just don’t mistake them for tissues.


emergency underpants box


Super Mario with Real Life Sound Effects – This is how Super Mario sounds like if the sound effects were made to resemble real life. Well, I can only say 8-bit sound effects still fit the classic Super Mario much better.



Palette coasters – A cute drink coaster made to look like a mini wooden palette. It’ll be even cooler if it came with a toy forklift though.


wooden palette drink coaster


One Second Needle – This must be the best design for a needle to revolutionize sewing once and for all. One second or even less is all it takes to thread this needle.


one second needle


A video from China showing an early prototype of the iPhone 4 containing 64GB worth of internal memory. Now that’s one product every iPhone owner will want to get their hands on. Hopefully it will come true for the next generation of Apple’s iPhone.