two mice and a computer mouse


A hydro-clock that runs on nothing but pure water! Simply fill it up when the water level gets low.

hydro clock powered by water


Another day, another console case-mod. This Nintendo Game Boy handheld console gets the arcade cabinet treatment.

 Nintendo Game Boy arcade cabinet case-mod


We’re talking about Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary here, hey why not crack open a bottle with this Pac Man bottle opener and celebrate.

Pac Man bottle opener


Don’t have the iPad yet? Here’s one notepad that doesn’t need to run on batteries at all. A real paper iPad called the iNotePad.



If you do have an iPad, you may be interested in this minimalistic and eco-friendly iPad stand made from bamboo. My guess is that it’ll probably work just as fine for iPhones and iPods too.

Bamboo iPad stand


Remember those space-age looking bladeless Dyson Air Multiplier fans? This is a viral video showing how Dyson engineers “have fun” with a balloon and lots of fans.



Can’t get enough of the smell of freshly baked cookies from a store? These chocolate-chip cookie aroma candle melts though inedible, will fill your room with an appetizing fragrance of freshly baked cookies for up to twelve hours.

chocolate-chip aroma candle melts 


Claw machines have all sort of stuff filled in them, but this one spotted by SuperPope in Akihabara, Japan is really geeky and different. Have you ever seen one like this filled with Super Famicom game cartridges?

claw machine filled with Super Famicom game cartridges


Made specially for Lego fans, these colorful building blocks are actually wireless computer mice. Doesn’t look that comfortable to use though.

Lego-style wireless computer mice