The top ten must-try food items on your next trip to Japan.


Guy uses chatroulette to play a simple game. If the other party tilt their head to look at the words, they lose. It’s a pretty ingenious way to use the site to perform psychological tests on random folks.



This cat definitely lives a pampered life. A custom made cat-lift specially made for its kind.



An insightful video by pixelenemy that basically teaches how not to suck at Battlefield: Bad Company 2, specially catered to seasoned Modern Warfare 2 gamers.



This cute and unique-looking iPhone stand is modeled from modified dining silverware making it look like a dude holding it with his hands. From ForkedUpArt Etsy.



A very cool Nintendo DSiWare puzzle game featuring an amazing 3D motion-sensing virtual reality screen called Attakoreda.



A great implementation of a Rube Goldberg machine that took several months to build just for a music video.