elephant loo


Sushi Memo Blocks – Can’t eat them, but these food-themed memo blocks kinda make one feel hungry just sitting around on a table.

sushi memo blocks


Titanic Soap – Soap made in the shape of the famous cruise ship the Titanic. Icebergs included.

titanic soap with icebergs


Notebook Cooler Desk – A neat laptop desk meant for a floor sitter, comes with an built-in notebook cooler and space for other laptop gadgets.

notebook cooler desk


Xylophone in the Forest – A cool video made by wooden music blocks arranged in a forest and letting a ball and gravity play the music by themselves.



Angry Birds Sugar Cookies – Nothing more tasty than sugar cookies made in Angry Birds style. Maybe they’ll get played more than getting eaten at all.

angry birds sugar cookies


USB Lock Flash Drive – This interesting-looking USB drive looks just like a lock, but doesn’t actually protect the USB drive from anything at all.

usb lock flash drive


iPad Photo Frame – You don’t need to get a real iPad just to use it as a photo frame. Here’s a photo frame that looks just like an iPad.

ipad photo frame


Steampunk Howl’s Moving Castle – Heard of Howl’s Moving Castle? Here’s a ceramic model of Howl’s Moving Castle made in steampunk style.

steampunk howl's moving castle


Space Invaders Chairs – Retro gaming geeks will surely love to sit and even own a couple of Space Invaders chairs like these, though it’s just a prototype for now.

space invaders chair