street hero


Book Bed – A bed that looks like a giant book, complete with a spine and quilted pages for comfort.

book bed


Custom Rubik’s Cube – These custom Rubik’s cubes from Japan come in their unfinished form and it is all up to the owner to decorate it with custom stickers in any way they like.

custom rubik's cube


Super Mario USB Drive – Cute Super Mario themed USB drive made with the likes of Bob-Omb.

super mario bob-omb usb drive


Miniature Pool – Want to play a game of pool but don’t have a full-sized pool table? Play some miniature pool instead using this mini pool table set.

mini pool table set


Hello Kitty Toast – Toast is always better, when it’s a piece of toast with Hello Kitty on it. This Hello Kitty toaster brands the feline character on every piece of bread it toasts.

hello kitty toaster


Lego PC – Lego has the ability to become the building blocks of anything, including this PC casemod.

lego pc casemod 1lego pc casemod 2


Jurassic Tea Infuser – This cute tea infuser in the shape of T-Rex sure does spice up a cup of tea. Tea-Rex that is.



Futuristic Paper Smartphone – Awesomely futuristic smartphone that is the shape and size of a piece of paper. Comes with a rather unique way for gesture input, which is by bending the phone itself to perform a variety of commands.



Japanese Nekomimi – Cute set of electronic Japanese-style cat ears that can be commanded to move by itself via a user’s brainwaves. Cool but perhaps just a little too freakish for some of us.



Demo of neurowear’s necomimi cat ears.