angry cat bunny hat


Toast Egg Shaper – Now your omelets will always fit your toast perfectly when you use this heat resistant silicone egg shaping tool.

toast egg shaper


Angry Birds Bagel Sandwich– More Angry Birds themed food, this time a bagel sandwich gets the Angry Birds makeover with the use of bagels, salami, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, black olives and lettuce.

angry birds themed bagel sandwich


Will an Xbox 360 Kinect blend? – That is the question, which is swiftly answered in this video by Tom Dickson and the merciless blades of his Blendtec Blender.



Marshmallow Man S’more – A cute sculpture made of clay by redditor SirCreate showing poor Mr Mashmallow Man unwillingly turned into a S’more treat.

marshmallow man smore dessert clay sculpture


Cupcake Notepad – This cupcake notepad from Fredflare not only looks yummy like a 3D cupcake, but also allow pages to be detached for writing notes and memos on.

cupcake notepad


World’s Largest NES Controller – This classic Nintendo gamepad has been made so huge it needs to be assembled from three sections. It can’t even be played with both hands or properly by a single person for that matter. Instead one goes about stamping on the buttons with their feet instead.

world's largest giant nes gamepad 1

world's largest giant nes gamepad 2


iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet – Now you can truly play arcade games with your iPad the original way with the this arcade cabinet dock for the iPad called the iCade.

icade arcade cabinet ipad dock


Xbox Controller Cupcake Pops – Truly a gamer’s treat, these are some really cute and tasty-looking cupcake pops made to look like mini Xbox controllers on sticks.

cute xbox controller cupcake pops


Origami Napkins with Illustrated Instructions – Want to make your set of napkins look even cooler on the dining table? This pack of origami napkins with illustrated instructions printed on them will help you on your way to become a true napkin origami master.

origami napkins with illustrated instructions