useless toilet doors


Minecraft Breakfast Blocks – A cool and nutritious breakfast made to look like Minecraft blocks. Bread, eggs, milk and chocolate. Yum!

minecraft breakfast blocks


DIY Fallout 3 Pip Boy 3000 iPhone Dock – Superbly looking DIY made steampunk style iPhone dock that looks exactly like the one in Fallout 3.

fallout 3 iphone dock


Cupwomen Cup Noodles Gadget – Just like the Cupmen cup noodle gadget, but they now come in a different gender. These Cupwomen will tell you when your cup noodles are ready for eating.

cupwomen cup noodles indicator gadget


“What Happened” Bandages – Never need to explain to everyone how you got the injury with these self-explanatory bandages with funny titles on them.

what happened bandages


SNES Groom Cake – All gamers will have to agree that no wedding will be complete without a Super Nintendo groom’s cake like this.

snes groom's cake


Minimalistic Bamboo Speaker – This minimalist and zen-like passive bamboo speaker iPhone dock called the iBamboo speaker does not use any power to amplify sounds but uses the natural resonance present in its hollow shape to deliver sound to your ears.

ibamboo speaker


iPhone Simplicity – The iPhone is so simple even young kids can use it. This two-year old toddler shows us how.



Derpcraft – An improvised animated skit about a guy’s first impression about Minecraft, the game.