japanese subway hero


iPad TV Dock – An interesting piece of wood-crafted dock that turns the iPad into a TV screen.

wooden ipad tv dock


Minecraft Block of Sticky Notes – Need something to write notes and memos on? This Minecraft notepad block made up of sticky notes is here to serve you.

minecraft block of sticky notes


3D Angry Birds iPhone Case in Bling – Angry Birds and iPhone. It’s hard to keep them apart. Here’s yet another iPhone accessory that brings the two together in the form of this Angry Birds iPhone casing.

bejewelled 3D angry birds iphone case


KFC Fried Chicken Cookies – Fried chicken? Nope, look closer. These are actually cookies made to look like a bucket of fried chicken drumsticks.

fried chicken cookies


Clever and Cheap DIY Drum Set – Why spend a fortune on a real drum set when you can make them yourself? This drum set made by a clever dad is made from paint cans, buckets and PVC piping.

cheap diy drum set


Handy Keychain Screwdriver Tools – There are times when you need a screwdriver but can always never find it. This pair of Philips and flathead screwdrivers come as keychains so they are always in your pocket

keychain screwdriver set


Dual Purpose iPhone Stand – This iPhone stand called the iAngle not only props up your iPhone for viewing videos but also doubles up as a earphone cord winder.

dual purpose iphone stand with cord winder


Gold Keyboard Keycap – This gold keyboard keycap made for the number 4/$ button on the computer keyboard  will make it live up to its name.

gold keyboard keycap


Cool A4 Block Light – This piece of lighting shaped as an A4 sized block illuminates in a artistic yet useful manner. It can be stacked with a bunch of A4 sized paper or inserted into a bookshelf for illumination without looking out of place.

a4 block light 1a4 block light 2