sneaker bicycle


DIY Cross Stitch iPhone Case – Customize your iPhone with this DIY casing. All you need is some cross stitch skills to turn it into your very own unique creation.

diy cross stitch iphone casing


Life Sized Angry Birds Costume – Need a costume that everyone will recognize instantly? This Angry Birds Red Bird costume will do the trick.

angry birds costume


Space Invaders Shopping Bag – This cool gaming themed Japanese shopping bag comes with the 80’s gaming icon, the alien from Space Invaders.

space invaders shopping bag


Tokyo Sky Tree Nanoblock – The Tokyo Sky Tree can now be seen in your home, office and even your room, not in its original form but built with your own hands from this set of 500 nanoblock pieces.

nanoblock tokyo sky tree


Star Trek Enterprise Salt and Pepper Shakers – This set of salt and pepper shakers made into the look of the Star Trek Enterprise will please every Star Trek fan. They are also made to be magnetic so that’ll they always stay together as a set.

star trek enterprise salt and pepper shakers


Nyan Cat Scarf – Nyan cat doesn’t exist only on video and gif images, but also on scarfs. This one was spotted on Etsy a while ago.

nyan cat scarf


Crystal Hello Kitty Necklace – This cute necklace made of crystals has been made into the form of the most popular cartoon cat from Japan, Hello Kitty.

crystal hello kitty necklace


Clever Ice Cream Scoop – A useful design for an ice cream scoop. Comes with a flexible rubber back so the ice cream can be pushed out easily from behind.

clever ice cream scoop


2012 Bubble Wrap Calendar – One year of bubble-popping fun. This calendar made of bubble wrap ensures you get your daily dose of bubble wrap popping.

2012 bubble wrap calendar


Rubik’s Cube Cake – A very colorful cake made for Rubik’s cube fans. Lots of colors and cubes sure make a tasty-looking combination.

rubiks cube cake