clever flood avoidance


Cool R2-D2 and C-3P0 Themed Xbox 360 – First look at the official Star Wars Themed Xbox 360 with Kinect released from Microsoft. Perfect for Star Wars fans.

r2-d2 themed xbox 360

c-3po themed xbox 360


Space Invaders Cake Mold  – Turn your cakes into classic game characters in the form of the invading aliens from the retro game Space Invaders.

cute space invaders cake mold


Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers – If that ain’t enough, top it off with this pair of Space Invaders style salt and pepper shakers.

cute space invaders salt and pepper shakers


Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit – Turn an ordinary folded paper airplane into something that can really fly with this airplane conversion kit that comes with a mini propeller. This will allow it to fly for a short period of time on a small charge. However if your airplane is too successful and lands on the roof, you may not be able to retrieve your airplane and conversion kit back easily.

electric airplane conversion kit


Pool Island Golf Set – No grass nearby for practicing your golf swing? A swimming pool will do as long you have this golf set made specially for swimming pools, allowing you can tee-off any time you want.

pool island golf toy set


Mac & Cheese Bandages – Food and bandages don’t always come together, but when they do they come as macaroni and cheese printed bandages.

macaroni and cheese bandages


Nintendo Game Boy Tube Dress – A Nintendo Game Boy never looked so sexy, until it has been made into this particular tube dress.

nintendo game boy tube dress


Self-Notifying Lan-Connected Washing Machine  – Ever put your laundry into the washing machine and wished you’ll know when it’s done wherever you might be in the house? Well this creatively modified washing machine has been hacked to be connected to a LAN network and will notify the owner when the clothes are cleaned.

self-notifying lan-connected washing machine