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Super Mario 1-Up Mushroom Salt/Pepper Shaker – This 1-up mushroom for real life does not actually give you an extra life, but provides you with a dash of salt or pepper.

1-up mushroom salt pepper shaker 11-up mushroom salt pepper shaker 2


Custom Made R2-D2 Sweater – Etsy user EricaKnit makes you a custom knitted R2-D2 sweater.

custom knitted r2-d2 sweater


Cool Post-It Stop Motion Art – Another cool stop-motion video made with colorful post-it sticky notes.



Really Tiny Origami – Amazing tiny origami works of art from Anja Markiewicz on flickr.

amazing tiny origami


iPhone Megaphone – An artistic looking passive iPhone amplifier from en&is.

iphone megaphone


Emergency Reboot Button – A reboot button for real life. Not really but this novelty emergency reboot button complete with sound effects will make you think you did.

emergency reboot button


Facebook Like Cushion – Another cushion that you can ‘Like’. It doesn’t come with a counter but you can still press or hug it over and over again.

facebook like cushion


Spam Lip Glaze – Taste the savory flavor of spam whole day with this spam lip glaze. For serious spam in a can lovers.

spam lip glaze


Post-It Megaman Art – Megaman gets a conversion from 8-bit graphics to real life sticky-note art on a bedroom wall.

post-it megaman art


Angry Birds Space Invaders Tee – Angry Birds gets a mash-up with the alien from the retro game Space Invaders as this conceptual T-shirt design called the Angry Invader Tee on Threadless.

angry birds space invader tee


Geeky Minecraft Socks – Wear Minecraft on your feet. No seriously. These are Minecraft socks that no Minecraft fan should ever be seen without.

minecraft socks

They even come with their own Minecraft-style blocky cube as a package which is sold from Swedish website Happy Socks.