taco baby


Real life Minecraft Pig Riding – Awesome Minecraft cosplay costume by macavitecas on Flickr.

minecraft cosplay pig riding


Japanese Real-Life Mario Carts – These real life Mario carts with Mario and Luigi in them were spotted racing through the streets of Tokyo, Japan.



Angry Birds Calendar – This Angry Birds calendar will help you get through the rest of 2011 and the whole of 2012.

angry birds calendar 1

angry birds calendar 2


How to paint Angry Birds Nail Art – Youtuber cutepolish teaches the fine technique that enables you to paint for yourself a set of Angry Birds themed fingernail art.



Floppy Disk Star Wars Duet – A duo of floppy disk drives play the Imperial March theme from Star Wars.



Evangelion Cockatiel – This cockatiel from Japan knows how to sing the tune of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Guess we know now what its owner must have been watching all the time.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza – The gang of ninja turtles love their pizza, and this pizza made to the likes of their logo pretty much sums it all up.

teenage mutant ninja turtles pizza


Exquisite Truffle iPhone Case – This Japanese iPhone case looks very exquisite, just because there’s a couple of life-like truffles sitting right on it. Unfortunately they’re not edible.

iphone 3d truffle case


Pac-Man Ghosts Salt and Pepper Shakers – Fans of the classic Pac-Man should not miss out on this set of cute salt and pepper shakers made into the shape of the ghosts from the arcade game.

pac-man ghosts salt and pepper shakers