iphone 3gs

  • iPhone 3GS bad battery life – iPhone 3GS users find that Apple’s iPhone 3GS battery has trouble making it through a workday without a charge in-between. [news]


darth vader alarm clock

  • Darth Vader alarm clock – May the force wake you up. [link]



airless tires

  • Tires without the air – These tires from Michelin do not use air and can absorb shocks just like normal tires do. The best part? No more punctured and flat tires. [gallery]



blazblue calamity trigger

  • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger review. [link]


xbox 360 portable

  • Xbox 360 portable – Newest version of the Xbox 360 portable from benheck forums. Comes with built in WiFi. [gallery]


Anime & Manga

tony carnelian etsu tony carnelian etsu 2

  • Manga keyboards – Keyboards pimped up with painted manga girls. [link]


Cool Stuff

play more notebook 1 play more notebook 2

  • Playmore notebook – For writing on one side and play on the other side. Simply crush up the paper for some paper-ball sports. [link]


waterwalker walk on water 1 waterwalker walk on water 2

  • Walking on water – Now everyone can walk on water, and even play on it. [link]


world's biggest hamburger

  • World’s biggest hamburger – Miyazaki City of Japan has created the world’s biggest hamburger weighing in at 136.2kg. If you’re wondering why the bun is black it’s because squid ink was used as an ingredient. [link]


 edible candy circuit board

  • Candy circuit board – An edible circuit board for geeks with a sweet tooth. [link]


cheeseburger cupcakes

  • Cheeseburger cupcakes – How to make cupcakes that look like cheeseburgers [flickr]


subway map dress

  • Subway map dress – Never get lost again, if you ever get lost riding on the subway just take a look at your (gf’s) dress. [link]


extraordinary table design

  • 12 extraordinary table designs – 12 interesting yet useful table designs. [gallery]


News & Articles

f-22 kadena air base japan f-22 kadena air base japan 2

  • F-22 in Japan – The current most advanced jet fighter F-22 arrived and seen hanging around in Kadena Air Base, Japan. [youtube]