movie cosplay horses


Caffeinated Chocolate Milk Straws – Not only do you feel awake from the caffeine inside, these straws also contain chocolate flavoring that will turn plain milk into chocolate milk when you mix it.

caffeinated chocolate milk straws


Hershey’s Syrup Chocolate Syrup Candle – Not edible at all,  but this cool candle will completely fill your room with the delicious and therapeutic scent and aroma of Hershey’s chocolate.

hershey's chocolate syrup candle


Nintendo Controller Chopping Board – For Nintendo 8-bit gaming fans who also love cooking, now here’s another reason to stay just a while longer in the kitchen.

8-bit nintendo controller chopping board


Hand-Shaped Sticky Notes – What’s better than sticky notes? Sticky notes in the shape of hands, complete with fingers. Now you can show the appropriate sign language to accentuate your message on the sticky note, whether it’s for good or for evil.

hand-shaped sticky notes


Freshly Baked Pizza Vending Machine – This smart pizza vending makes fresh pizza from raw ingredients as and when it is ordered.



‘Real-Life’ Angry Birds – Mohamed Raoof, deviantartist’s impression of how Angry Birds look like in real life, with reference to actual similar-looking birds that already exist in nature.

real-life angry birds red bird

real-life angry birds boomerang bird


Giant Lego Minifig Head Sort and Store Bin – Sort and store your Lego bricks in the most efficient way ever with this storage bin in the shape of a giant Lego minifig’s head. It comes with multi-tiered sorting meshes that automatically sort bricks as they fall through from the top.

lego minifig head sort and store storage bin 1

lego minifig head sort and store storage bin 2


Scrabble Fridge Magnets – Play some word games on your fridge or use these square tiles with letters on them to create quick messages quickly.

scrabble fridge magnets


Coca-Cola Can Glass Cup – Don’t like to drink your soda from a metal can? Drink it from this Coca-Cola can-shaped glass cup instead.

coca-cola can shaped glass cup