darth vader cat


Log Pillow – Sleeping on a log sounds uncomfortable, but not with this log made of soft pillow material made just for sleeping.

log pillow


Doc Transforming Soft Bunk Bed – One cool multipurpose bunk bed, the “Doc” sofa bed that transforms into a sofa and back fast and easily.

doc transforming sofa bunk bed 1

doc transforming sofa bunk bed 2

doc transforming sofa bunk bed 3


Rubik’s Cube Mario Art – 8-bit Super Mario art made by rearranging individual colored squares on a bunch of Rubik’s cubes.




Robot Tea Infuser – A cool and cute-looking tea infuser that comes in the shape and form of a mini toy robot.

cute robot tea infuser


Pac-Man Wall Art Decal – Decorate your wall with this giant Namco Pac-Man wall decal.

giant pac-man wall decal


Tetris Cupboard – This artsy-looking cupboard is inspired from the classic video game Tetris. Comes with drawers and compartments shaped like Tetris bricks. The cool part is that not only serves as a cupboard but can also turn into a table with seats in an instant as seen below.

tetris cupboard 1

tetris cupboard 2


Aqua Notes – A special memo pad with waterproof pages which works in the bathroom and wet places when you use a pencil to write on it.



Macaroni and Cheese Air Freshener – Make everyone hungry anytime and anywhere with this Mac & Cheese air freshener.

macaroni and cheese air freshener


Hanging Bathroom Cup – This useful hanging bathroom cup comes with a suction cup so you can hang it on the mirror or on a polished bathroom wall simply to save a bit of space.

hanging bathroom cup with suction cup 1

hanging bathroom cup with suction cup 2