panda costume girl


Keyboard Button Cushions – Unlike keyboard buttons which are hard, these cushions made to look like them are for you to hug.

keyboard button cushions


Minecraft Real-Life Invasion – What happens when Minecraft leaks into our real life world? Freddiew shows us with this fantasy video clip.



Sushi Soap Set – This dish of a set of beautiful sushi pieces by BunnyBubbles look pretty convincing. The actual fact is that they are made of soap so they can’t be eaten at all.

sushi soap dish set


Never Wet Superhydrophobic spray – Spray this solution on any surface and any liquid, even chocolate will repel the surface without making it wet or staining it.



Soft Pillow Fight – This set of equipment definitely won’t hurt in a pillow fight.

soft pillow fight


Pizza Sleeping Bed – This sleeping bed make into the likes of a giant pizza slice will make you dream of pizza while you snooze.

pizza sleeping bed


iPhone Camera Lens Dial – This interesting iPhone case comes with three interchangeable lens that can be switched on the fly with absolute ease just by rotating them around the dial.

iphone camera lens dial


Beautiful Bicycle Wheel Animation – This cool illusion made with a spinning wheel of a bicycle turns into a beautiful moving image when the bicycle moves at a specific speed.



Prism Light Candlelight Holder – This candlelight holder  using the principle of prisms, makes beautiful rainbow colored light across its entire surface from just a single candle flame.