fake escalator


Minecraft Creeper Fleece Cap – Wear a piece of Minecraft with this handmade creeper face fleece hat.

minecraft creeper fleece hat


8-Bit Holiday Wreath – One geeky gaming-themed 8-bit pixelated holiday wreath fit for a gamer’s Christmas home décor.

8-bit gaming holiday wreath


Tactile Display for Touchscreens – This cool technology turns a flat touchscreen into something that can be felt by a sense of touch employing the power of electrostatic fields generated right on the screen.



Rubik’s Cube Soap – This is one ultra-realistic Rubik’s cube that can’t be solved, for it is made of soap. However it can sure do a good job of keeping you squeaky clean.

rubik's cube soap


Swatch Touch Wristwatch – This is the Swatch Touch, a wristwatch that comes touchscreen controls.

swatch touch touchscreen watch



Dead Fred Pen Holder – One novelty pen holder that almost works like a voodoo doll. Use it in any way you wish.

dead fred novelty pen holder


Optimus Popularis Compact Keyboard – A new design from the flagship Optimus Maximus keyboard, the Optimus Popularis OLED keyboard by Art. Lebedev Studio comes in a compact size with keys that can be customized individually.

optimus popularis compact oled keyboard


Magic Cable Trio Ultimate USB Cable – One USB cable to rule them all. The magic cable trio comes with two USB connectors of different sizes and an Apple connector, all on a single cable.

magic cable trio ultimate usb cable


Handy Hanging Spoon – This cleverly designed spoon comes with a bent handle that allows it to conveniently hang on the wall of your cup or glass when you don’t need it for stirring your drink.

handy hanging spoon