human truck tow


Minecraft Creeper MacBook Air Skin – The infamous creeper from Minecraft invades the MacBook Air in the form of a customized skin.

minecraft creeper macbook air decal


Whale Pail – An interesting looking wooden desktop stationery organizer and gadget holder made to look like a whale.

whale pail wooden stationery organizer


Magnet Smartphone Stand – A magnet that be used like a gadget stand and also a cable organizer.

magnet gadget stand

magnet cable organizer


Hello Kitty Custard Bun – A cute custard bun made in the likes of the popular Hello Kitty of Japan.

hello kitty custard bun


Disguised Old School Stove Kettle – Looks like an old school stove kettle, but is in fact powered by electricity.

old school stove kettle powered by electricity 1old-school-stove-kettle-powered-by-electricity 2


Razer Fiona Gaming Tablet – A tablet that can actually be used to play graphics-intensive PC games, the Razer Fiona. A prototype spotted at CES 2012.



Samsung Transparent Smart Window – An electronic window that not only works like a see-through window is also capable of displaying graphics. Spotted at CES 2012



Ninja Sticky Notes – Sticky notes for ninja wannabes. Leave messages just like how ninjas did.

ninja sticky notes


Cappuccino Latte Art Gift Set – Produce a tasty and beautiful cup of cappuccino with latte art using this cappuccino cup and smiley face stencil combo set. Comes with a grater for a dash of nutmeg.

cuppuccino latte art gift set