hello kitty kat


Swiss Measuring Spoons – Measuring spoons, Swiss army knife style.

swiss measuring spoons


Instant Grapefruit Juicer – Simply insert this contraption into a whole grapefruit, turn the crank a few times and drink right out it.

instant grapefruit juicer


Fruit Parfait Earphone Jack Accessory – A cute and tasty-looking earphone jack anti-dust cover in the form of a miniature fruit parfait.

fruit parfait earphone jack accessory


Lego Minecraft Toy Set – The world of Minecraft has made its way from a game into an official Lego toy set.

lego minecraft toy set 1

lego minecraft toy set 2


Wheel of Fortune Clock – Time is money, as this Wheel-of-Fortune style clock shows us.

wheel of fortune clock


Minecraft Diamond Pendant – A diamond pendant, but not the type we usually see. A Minecraft style diamond ore made into a pendant, that is.

minecraft diamond pendant


Pac-Man Bandages – A game-themed bandage will surely sooth the pain and make one feel better compared to a plain one.

pac-man bandages


Ultraman Cup Noodles – These cup noodles from Japan are decorated in the style of the superhero, Ultraman. The difference about these cup noodles is that they are ready in 1.5 minutes after soaking in hot water, enabling each cup to be finished in 3 minutes, the same amount of time Ultraman is done with the enemy.

ultraman cup noodles


Social Sticky Notes – Need to leave a comment on someone in real life instead of on a Facebook wall? Use these Facebook-style sticky notes instead.

facebook style social sticky notes