kittens in a cup


Rilakkuma Cellphone charm – Cute and squishy Rilakkuma cellphone charm made for Rilakkuma fans.

white squishy rilakkuma cellphone charm


Real Slingshot Angry Birds – A real slingshot made to work with the game of Angry Birds using a bunch of sensors in action.



Rilakkuma Soap and Shampoo Dispenser – Tired of looking at ugly shampoo and liquid soap bottles? Simply change containers and use a Rilakkuma themed shampoo dispenser instead.

rilakkuma soap and shampoo dispenser


Bunny Costume Hello Kitty – Hello Kitty wants to be a bunny. Hello Kitty beanie baby in a bunny costume.

bunny costume hello kitty beanie baby


McDonald’s Ramen Meal – Fast-food ramen served in a Hawaiian McDonald’s restaurant.



Sushi Candle Set – Looks like a set of sushi, however it can’t be eaten. They are actually candles.

sushi candle set


Mustache Egg Fryer Mold – Make your fried eggs look like mustaches. Well for the heck of it with this mustache egg frying mold.

mustache egg fryer mold


Yamaha Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Music Keyboard – Yamaha comes up with a vocaloid keyboard that actually sings songs as it is being played. Takes quite a bit of skill to actually play it.



Kawaii Japanese Minecraft Tee – Minecraft is a pretty big hit in Japan. Here’s one Minecraft T-Shirt made in the likes of the game’s most notorious monster, the creeper. Creeper is pronounced ‘Kuri-pa-‘ in Japanese. Another name for the Creeper in Japanese is ‘Takumi’.

kawaii japanese minecraft creeper tee