super mario cosplay girls


Hello Kitty Ice-cream Maker – It ain’t an ice-cream maker unless it’s a Hello Kitty ice-cream maker.

hello kitty ice-cream maker


Bandai Smart Pet – An electronic toy pet dog from Japan that makes use of the iPhone for it to work.



White Poodle USB Hub – A cute and pretty elegant USB hub made in the shape of a poodle dog.

white poodle usb hub


Sock Sandals – Socks that make it look like you’re wearing sandals.

sock sandals


Angry Birds Comforter – Nothing like a good night’s rest sleeping in an Angry Birds themed comforter.

angry birds comforter


Minecraft Diamond Bracelet – A diamond bracelet fit for the gamer, Minecraft style. Now everyone can give diamond bracelets to anyone as gifts.

minecraft diamond bracelet


Neon Genesis Evangelion Phone – The Sharp SH-06D, a consumer smartphone with a NERV theme made specially for Neon Genesis Evangelion fans.



Portal Bookends – A pair of Portal-themed bookends that diehard fans of the game will want to get their hands on.

portal bookends


Angry Birds Flying RC Helicopters – Now real life Angry Birds can also take to the sky, with this RC toy helicopter made in the likes of Angry Birds.

angry birds flying rc helicopter toy