iphone 3gs

  • iPhone 3GS is the best – Apple’s iPhone 3GS tops new smartphone rankings. [news]


robot ramen machine

  • Robot ramen machine – Move away humans! This robot ramen machine can produce a bowl of ramen from over 40 million recipes in two minutes. [news]


pico mini usb drive

  • Waterproof mini USB drives – Super Talent releases Pico Mini USB drives that are also waterproof. [link]


ez toilet foot flusher

  • EZ Toilet foot-flusher – No more using of hands to flush the toilet again. The more hygienic way to flush waste away. [link]



 gaikai game streaming

  • Gaikai game streaming service – An upcoming cloud gaming service called Gaikai allows users to stream and play games from any platforms right to the web browser without any downloads and addons with just minimal PC requirements. [news]



  • Germany bans public display of Counterstrike – It is now illegal to publicly display the game, Counterstrike in Germany. [link]


super mario galaxy 720p

  • Mario goes 720p – A Nintendo Wii emulator called ‘Dolphin’ has made it possible to play Super Mario Galaxy at 720p resolution. [link]



segatoys dream cat venus

  • SegaToys Dream Cat Venus – Realistic looking pet cat toy launches. [link]


Cool Stuff

shuriken coat hanger

  • Ninja coat hook – Shuriken-shaped hook for hanging all your ninja costumes. [link]



  • 40 great desktop wallpapers – Wallpapers to spice up your desktop. [gallery]



  • Stunning home theatres – 12 of the most stunning and creative home theatres. [gallery]


Funny Stuff


  • 55 vehicle motivational posters – Demotivational posters, to be exact. [gallery]



  • Army pictures – 106 funny army pictures. [gallery]


bicep-cling 1 bicep-cling 2

  • Road rage deterrent – Show off your pseudo-biceps and scare adversaries away! [link]


Odd Stuff

  • Train vs tornado – A fast-moving freight trains comes head-on with a tornado. Watch what happens.  [video]


News & Articles


Joey Chestnut wins annual Nathan’s hotdog eating contest – Chestnut chomps down 68 hotdogs in 10 minutes while Japan’s Kobayashi came in at second with 64.5. [news]



  • Most expensive cities – The 2009 top-20 list of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. [link]