sleeping kittens


Neon Genesis Evangelion GPS System – A real GPS system with an anime theme.

neon genesis evangelion gps system 1

neon genesis evangelion-gps-system 2


2-in-1 Egg-Shaped Salt and Pepper Shaker – A cute-looking salt and pepper shaker set that looks like an egg with legs.

egg-shaped salt and pepper shaker 1egg-salt-and-pepper-shaker 2


Motherboard iPhone Case – An iPhone case that makes it look like the iPhone came with computer parts.

motherboard iphone case


Portal Wheatley Themed Flashlight – A portable LED light made in the likes of Wheatley from Portal 2.

portal wheatley led light


Wheel-Style Multiple Filter Lens iPhone Casing – An iPhone case that comes with a wheel filled with different kinds of filters for the iPhone’s camera.

iphone camera filter wheel case


Hello Kitty Aviator Plush Hat – A cute Hello Kitty themed cosplay aviator hat.

hello kitty aviator cosplay plush hat


Scissortape – Get rid of the look of an untidy desk and increase efficiency with this 2-in-1 scissors and tape combo tool.

scissortape 2-in-1 combo tool


Sakura Punch – A hole punch that punches out beautiful cherry blossom flower petals instead of producing typical round holes.

fuuvi sakura petal hole punch


3D Bow Wrapping Paper – Save yourself some ribbon with this 3D ribbon wrapping paper. All you need is a pair of 3D glasses to see a virtual bow pop out from the gift box.

3d bow wrapping paper


Laser-Cut Designer Sushi Roll – Laser cut seaweed that take the traditional look of sushi rolls to a whole new level.

laser cut designer sushi rolls