Ikea Cardboard Camera – A really simple camera made of cardboard by Ikea. Just don’t get it wet.



Bookcase Sofa – A sofa that makes the best use of space by doubling up as a bookcase.

bookcase sofa


Saber vs Gundam – A battle by Saber from Type Moon vs Gundam. Cool stop motion video using model figures.



Hello Kitty Seal Suit Handphone Strap – A cute charm for mobile phones which shows Hello Kitty in a seal suit.



Twitter Hashtag Mug – A Twitter-style mug that comes with the hashtag symbol as its handle.

twitter hashtag mug


Chork – A pair of chopsticks that transforms into a fork and back.

chork chopsticks fork


Clatas – A giant Mech robot that is controlled by a human pilot.



Non-stick Ketchup Bottle – Geniuses at MIT have created a ketchup bottle with a non-stick surface. No more wastage and headaches of ketchup getting stuck inside.




Campfire Style LED Stick Lights – LED light sticks called Lampfire that can be assembled to look like a campfire.

lampfire led light sticks campfire