balancing chairs


Iron Man Scooter – One Iron Man themed scooter that is sure to rile the interest of Iron Man fans

iron-man scooter


Magic Self-Stirring Pot – This pot does not need extra power to stir itself. The magic happens when the liquid starts boiling and moves along the curved grooves on the inner-side of the pot.




Cool flipbook Anime – An anime scene, with every frame printed on paper and played back using flipbook style animation.




iPhone Style App Icon Sticky Notes – Make your notes look more interesting with sticky notes that look like iPhone application icons.

iphone-style application icon sticky notes


Tactus Technology – A fluid mobile phone tactile display technology that is sure to blow your mind.



Stickbomb Guinness World Record – A world record was made with this stickbomb masterpiece for the Tokyo Toy Show 2012.



3D Pac-Man Street Painting – 3D street paintings have always amazed us. Here’s a cool one of Pac-Man.

cool pac-man 3d street painting


Medieval Pot Scrubber – Finally a use for all that chainmail left on the ground after an epic war in the middle-age. Chainmail pot scrubbers.

chainmail pot scrubber