spiderman's toilet


Wireless Magnetic Light Bulb – A working light bulb that floats in mid air without the use of any power cords. The magic of wireless power transfer and magnetism.



Cool Japanese Mario Game Center Prizes – Spotted in Japan – Prizes for Japanese game centers, Mario themed accessories such as Mario card reader and Boo ghost sensor night light.

mario-themed game center prizes


Digital Thermometer BBQ Tongs – Don’t know if your BBQ food has been cooked to the right temperature? These BBQ tongs come with temperature sensors on them and will tell you the exact temperature of the food cooking on the BBQ grill.

digital thermometer bbq tongs


Xbox 360 Aquarium – A beautiful miniature reef aquarium made to fit right inside an Xbox 360 game console casing.



Fan-made TF2 Figures – Impressive Team Fortress 2 figurines spotted at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

tf2 heavy figure comic con


KFC Cake – A cake made to look like a family meal from KFC.

kfc cake


Paper Flashlight – A flashlight that is made to look simple. A lite paper flashlight with a light-diffusing feature.

litelite paper flashlight


Zelda Heart-Shaped Cupcakes – Zelda themed 8-bit heart-shaped cupcakes that ironically comes with the potential to take one’s heart away.

zelda 8-bit heart-shaped cupcakes


Thermaltake Mouse with Cooling Fan – One mouse that is able to keep sweaty palms away. The Thermaltake Black Element Cyclone gaming mouse comes with a mini-fan attached right on the mouse itself.

thermaltake mouse with mini fan