stack of dogs


Block King Arcade Game – An arcade game from Taito, where you throw plastic balls on the screen to complete different stages.



Silicone Tea Bag Infuser – A yellow-colored tea infuser that pretty much looks just like a tea bag.

silicone yellow tea bag infuser


Real Life Itazura Cat coin box – A real life cat performing the tricks of the popular itazura cat coin box toy.



CLOP flash game – A game just like QWOP, but with an extra two legs, and a unicorn. twice the awesomeness at least.

clop fail



Dollar Bill Origami – A collection of dollar bill origami at its finest.

awesome dollar bill origami collection


DIY Angry Mouse Controller – A DIY Angry Birds controller that makes playing the game more fun and possible more challenging than using a finger or mouse.



Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings – A customized pair of cute Super Mario earrings featuring the piranha plant from the game. Cool idea.

super mario piranha plant earrings


Logitech Washable Keyboard – Logitech unveils a keyboard, the K310 that can be washed. More specifically, dunked entirely into a pool of water without any fear of damaging it.



Hovering Duct-Fan Aircraft – One hovercraft that surely reminds us of the hoverboard from Back to the Future. In a bigger size, that is.