computer kitten


Separating egg yolk from egg white – A pretty unique way of separating an egg yolk from egg white using a plastic PET bottle.



World’s smallest rideable bike – This is probably the world’s smallest bike to be ridden by an adult.



Icon Cable Ties – Cable ties that come with shapes of various icons. Useful for neat geeks.

icon cable ties


R2-D2 Lunch Bag – A lunch bag that comes in the form and shape of R2-D2. With light and sound on demand.

r2-d2 lunch bag


Evangelion Humidifier – A cool-looking humidifier made into a Neon Genesis Evangelion diorama.

neon genesis evangelion humidifier


Brainwave-Controlled Tail – A tail made for humans, the second version from Neurowear which has previously came up with Necomimi brainwave-controlled cat ears.



Realistic Tennis Ball Cake – Spotted in Japan, a cake that has been made to look just like a real tennis ball.

realistic tennis ball cake 1


realistic tennis ball cake 2


Lego Bento – Interested in making your own Lego bento lunch set? Instructables teaches you how.

lego bento lunch set


Skoot Case – A travel suitcase for kids that has been made to look like a toy scooter and also can be ridden on.

skoot case toy scooter suitcase 1

skoot case toy scooter suitcase 2