super mario cosplay girls


Optimus Prime Hoodie – A cool-looking hoodie for Optimus Prime wannabes.

optimus prime hoodie


Waterfall Swing – An awesome swing that comes with a built-in waterfall that dumps water right in the middle of the swing set. Cool part is that nobody ever gets wet in it.



DIY Magazine Passive Amplifier – A magazine gets turned into a passive amplifier just by being rolled up.



Clever Lego Trick – A cool Lego hack that makes it able to get two bricks to hold together with their backs facing each other.

cool lego hack


3D Illusion Rocca Card Game – Special sets of nicely designed playing cards that make them look three-dimensional when stacked on or around each other.

3d-illusion playing card game


Classic Super Nintendo Gamepad Cake – A tasty-looking cake made in the likes of the iconic Super Nintendo gamepad.

classic super nintendo gamepad cake


Lego Tank Models – A genius 14 year old boy creates realistic model tanks out of nothing but Lego pieces.

lego model tank


Nanoblock Statue of Liberty – Create your very own Statue of Liberty with nanoblocks, a version of toy bricks similar to Lego, but in a much smaller size suitable for more complex structures.

nanoblock statue of liberty


See-Saw Bookshelf – An interesting-looking bookshelf that simply looks like a see-saw. Perfect for a book-reading competition against a fellow bookworm.

see-saw bookshelf